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Fattoush Salad with Mint Dressing

Ever tried fattoush? Once you do, you’ll never forget it! Fattoush salad is a colorful Lebanese salad that’s bursting with fresh produce, lettuce and mint. It’s refreshing, crisp and satisfying.

Fattoush is the salad to make if you have random leftover fresh vegetables (radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.) and pita bread. You really can’t go wrong with the proportions here.

romaine and toasted pita

Simply tear up the pita and bake it with some olive oil and salt. You’ll end up with crisp, toasted Mediterranean croutons. Fattoush is the Lebanese solution for stale pita bread, in the same way that French toast uses up stale bread. Isn’t it smart?

My only twist on traditional fattoush salad is that instead of making a basic lemon dressing, I used my fresh mint dressing. The dressing is super easy to make in the food processor, and infuses the salad with even more irresistible mint flavor.

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