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Cold Brew Coffee (Recipe & Tips!)

I know, fall is coming and everyone’s excited about pumpkin spice lattes. But, it’s still blazing hot outside and I’ve been working on my cold brew coffee game all summer. I’ve become a self-proclaimed cold brew aficionado, so hear me out!

Homemade cold brew coffee is:

  • Smooth, slightly sweet and super refreshing
  • Easy to make
  • More affordable than buying at a coffee shop
  • Ready-made for busy mornings
  • Easily heated up if you’re in the mood for hot coffee

coarsely ground coffee for cold brew

In summary, you can make cold brew on the weekend and pour yourself cold brew from the fridge every morning that week. No boiling water. No fussing with a coffee maker. As someone who is 100% not a morning person, cold brew coffee is a total game changer.

This tutorial is for you if: a) you already love cold brew, b) you are not a morning person, or c) you want to streamline your mornings a bit. I answered yes to all of the above. Let’s make some cold brew!

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