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Simple Breakfast Tostadas

Did you see this one coming? This recipe is a combination of my recipes for pico de gallo, refried beans and fried eggs (or scrambled, you choose) on top of a crispy baked corn tortilla. Need I say more?

Ok, I’ll go on. I love Mexican cuisine and its endless variations on basic components. These vegetarian breakfast tostadas are such a fun breakfast option for weekends! They look impressive but each component is quite simple to make.

In fact, if you have leftover pico de gallo and refried beans, these are easy to pull off on a regular weekday. Pile them together and breakfast is served (or dinner!).

pico de gallo and fried egg

The idea for this recipe came from a local restaurant called Tavern. It’s right next door to a bicycle shop where I had been looking for a new bike. At that point I had looked at every bike on the internet and available locally, and my patient boyfriend and I got hungry.

We went next door to Tavern and ordered their “breakfast nachos,” which didn’t look like I thought they would. They were made with crisp, flat, mini corn tortillas piled up like you see here—like mini tostadas! They hit the spot and I knew I had to recreate them.

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